Are You Stuck?  Take Action and Keep Accountable with Personal Mentoring

Working with a mentor who keeps you accountable and helps you take your next steps is essential to building the business you really want.

Whether your confused, unsure, feeling insecure or just need a bit of a boost, having a mentor to work along side of you, giving you a little ‘kick’ here and there to ignite action, may be just what you need.

As someone who has been in the Virtual Assistant industry since 2003, I know the challenges, insecurities and confusion that come with finding clients, determining what kind of services to offer, confirming appropriate rates and so much more. Not to mention all the other every day-to-day events and tasks that you need to take care of.

If you’re just getting started, have been in it for a while and want to make changes, or are ready to take a huge leap forward, mentoring will support you taking action and achieving what you most want to achieve.

Cindy Greenway’s book, Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Find (and Keep) Clients, is the ultimate road map to getting your virtual assistant business up and running.

One of the best things about Cindy and her book is the ability for her to layout not only what she did right in her business, but what she did wrong. Knowing some of the mistakes that are so easily made in this industry prevented me from going down the wrong path in many areas of my own business.

I am so grateful Cindy, who is one of the best, if not the best in her line of work, is willing to share her knowledge and experiences to help better the VA industry as a whole. I highly recommend reading her book and if possible, working with her directly! If your business needs a big boost or just a little direction, she is your girl!

-Elizabeth Hardig

Ready to get started, be kept accountable and take action? Let me know – cindy[at]